LIVE-STREAM: acTVism Event – Edward Snowden & Leading Experts

Welcome to the official event page! We will post the link to the live-stream here at 6 PM Munich Time (12 PM New York Time).

Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Geo-Engineering with Atmospheric physicist Pablo Canziani

Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Geoengineering with Atmospheric physicist Pablo Canziani

acTVism Munich Online TV Program September 2016

acTVism Munich - Online-TV-Programm
Welcome to our online TV program for September 2016. Here you will find information on our upcoming videos and projects. This month’s video releases include: Bob Graham, Yanis Varoufakis, Heiner Flassbeck, TTIP Report, Noam Chomsky and Edward Snowden.

acTVism Munich is temporarily halting all original content production

Dear Friends and Supporters of acTVism Munich, we’ve came a long way together. Thanks to your donations and the commitment of dedicated human beings we were able to build a truly independent media network, which does not rely on state support or advertising at all. Our limited capacities and resources also mean that we’ll encounter […]

Cizre, Ach Cizre! – Kerem Schamberger

Kerem Schamberger
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OP-ED: ‘Worse Than Copenhagen’: Why The Paris Climate Accord Is Scarcely Worth The Paper That It’s Written On

dimitri lascaris daily reports from paris climate change conference pariser klimagipfel
On December 12, 2015, world leaders finally struck a global climate accord in Paris, France. The announcement of the accord was accompanied by the predictable orgy of self-congratulation: world leaders breathlessly declared their agreement to be “historic” and “ambitious,” and a “turning point for the world.” The corporate press dutifully regurgitated the superlatives gushing from […]