Richard Wolff: The State of Capitalism – When and Why will it end?

Richard Wolff Capitalism
In this educational video Professor of Economics Emeritus (University of Massachusetts), Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work, Richard Wolff, talks about Capitalism’s current and future state. Prof. Wolff also explains how changes in how the workplace is organized can have a transformative play a transformative role from Capitalism into a more humane and rational system.

REWIND: Educational Series with Ernst Wolff – The History and Politics of the IMF

Ernst Wolff - IWF IMF
In diesem Video sprechen wir mit dem Journalisten und Autor Ernst Wolff. Wolffs neuestes Buch heißt „Weltmacht IWF: Chronik eines Raubzugs“, welches auch auf Arabisch sowie Englisch erschienen ist. Diese Video-Serie zielt darauf ab, die Hintergründe des Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF) zu beleuchten und seine Rolle darzustellen, die er seit seiner Gründung bis heute eingenommen hat.

Educational Video Series with Yanis Varoufakis: The State of the European Union

Yanis Varoufakis
In this 3-part educational video series with former finance minister of Greece and founder of the Democracy in Europe 25 Movement (DiEM25), Yanis Varoufakis, the European Union is discussed in detail. From its deficits, current and future state to solutions that the union needs to employ in order to halt the ongoing socio-political crisis, this video series aims to provide context and also bring into light specific issues that are not discussed in mainstream discourse whenever crises emerge in the periphery states of the EU such as Greece.

Richard Wolff: What is Public Debt? How is money printed? And how do Governments pay for Wars?

Richard Wolff - Public Debt
In this educational video Professor of Economics Emeritus (University of Massachusetts), Marxist economist and founder of Democracy at Work, Richard D. Wolff defines public debt & money printing. Prof. Wolff also talks about the role that corporate banks play in this system as well as how politicians can misuse and exploit this mechanism in order to garner political capital or justify wars.

Paul Jay on Corporate Media, Consumer Responsibility, Donald Trump, 9/11, Climate Change & The Real News Network

Paul Jay on acTVism Munich
In this interview with the senior editor and founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, we examine the role of the mainstream media and how it covers underlying issues that shape and mold our society. In addition we examine the responsibility of the viewer & reader while consuming news and find out about the plans that The Real News Network has to approach people locally as well informing the international community about environmental issues.

REWIND: Interview with Yanis Varoufakis

In this video, acTVism Munich interviews Yanis Varoufakis, a world renowned economist who was a former member of the Greek parliament. He gained immense popularity when he served as finance minister (27 January 2015 – 6 July 2015) for the Greek government, a post that he left shortly after he found out that Greek government made the decision to implement the austerity package of the Troika against the popular vote (OXI) of the Greek people . This interview focuses on the history of the global economic system, the transformations that it underwent after World War II and attempts to connect it to the current economic crisis that is sweeping throughout Europe and the globe.

VIDEO: Jeremy Scahill on the Military Industrial Complex, US-Airbase in Ramstein & Anti-War Movements

Jeremy Scahill with acTVism
In this interview with bestselling author, investigative reporter and co-founder of The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill, we talk about the political economy of the United States foreign policy apparatus and its influence abroad in countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia. In addition, we explore the role that Germany plays in the war on terror and the history of anti-war movements.