EDITORIAL PICK: Trump’s Crackdown on RT Met by Media, NGO Silence | Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal
In this video award-winning journalist and bestselling author, Max Blumenthal, talks about the wider implications of the decision made by the U.S. Justice Department to force Russia Today (RT) to register as as a foreign agent. In addition Blumenthal analyses the forces and reasons behind this decision as well why progressive media outlets are failing to cover this issue.

EDITORIAL PICK: How Saudi Arabia influences Opinion & Policy in Washington D.C.

Saudi Arabia
In this week’s acTVism Editorial Pick, Aaron Mate from The Real News Network interviews The Intercept’s Washington, D.C. bureau chief, Ryan Grim, about how Saudi Arabia and the UAE influence opinion and policy in Washington D.C.. In addition they talk about Saudi Arabian & regional politics as well as what mechanisms are employed by the Saudi establishment in order to maintain a narrative of “modernization”.