acTVism Munich is obligated to be transparent. The organization is financed primarily through:

  • Donations
  • Membership fees
  • Sponsorship

acTVism Munich is a non-profit organization. Membership fees, sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

Monthly Transparency Report

In the following we will publish our monthly finances (income and expenses) in a regular manner (we cannot give a fixed date due to capacity reasons). These are divided into categories of which those for income are self-explanatory. For the categories of the expenditures we want to list here exemplarily which costs are hidden behind them:
  • Humans: Salaries, wage tax, social security contributions
  • Projects: Special equipment (rental costs), transport, board & lodging as well as expense allowances for guests, external helpers and crew
  • Equipment: Cameras, computers, microphones, hard drives, cables, etc.
  • Groundwork: Necessities for our journalistic work (books, subscriptions), fees for email servers and cloud storage, etc.
  • Legal: Tax advice, lawyer’s fees, notary’s fees
  • Advertisement: Ads, flyers, banners
  • Other: Donations of acTVism, office supplies, etc.
2019: Q1, Q2