Zain Raza

Zain Raza

Founder, Journalist, Senior Editor, Production Manager & Public Awareness

Zain Raza is the Founder and Senior Editor of acTVism Munich. He is a journalist, activist and cultural promoter in Munich. As an activist he co-organized a number of demonstrations in Munich which included “March Against Monsanto”, and as a cultural promoter he brought hundreds of people together with his event “Pakistani on the Menu” that presented food, arts and music from many different cultures. As a writer and journalist, Raza’s research on political and economic issues was featured on the Tribune Express from 2011-2013. In 2013 Raza founded acTVism Munich e.V.-  an independent, non-profit, grassroots & bilingual media outlet. Since then Raza has directly overseen and directed the production of over 400 videos. His interviews include experts such as Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, Noam Chomsky, Daniel EllsbergChris HedgesRainer Mausfeld, Gerald Hüther, Yanis Varoufakis, Glenn Greenwald, Frans de Waal, Nils MelzerJeremy Scahill, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Peter Kuznick, Michael Shermer, Jill Stein, Katja Kipping, Medea Benjamin, Hans-Christian StröbeleRichard D.Wolff, Lawrence Wilkerson, Ernst Wolff, William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Abby Martin, Annie Machon and many others. To find out more about Zain’s background, click here.

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Rese Jeannotte

Rees Jeannotte

Editor & Board Member

Rees Jeannotte is a member of the editorial department and a director at activism Munich. Heralding originally from Canada he is happily living and working in Munich as an illustrator. He also publishes comics with a critical edge. They can be found on this website or at:

e-mail: rees.jeannotte[at]


Flo Osrainik

Editor, Journalist & Board Member

Flo Osrainik is a freelance publicist. His focus is on society & global issues. He has published work at RT Deutsch, junge Welt, Telepolis, amerika 21 or the Weblog NEOPresse among others. For further information about him see:

e-mail: flo.osrainik[at]

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Daniel Dietz

Daniel Dietz

Videographer & Cameraman

Daniel Dietz was born to German parents in 1974 in Somerville in New Jersey and grew up bilingually in Frankfurt, Germany. Music and theater were his first passions during his youth and in the mid-20’s he developed a strong political interest on domestic and global injustices . Daniel values nothing more than spending time with his daughter who was born in 2006. He enjoys the opportunity to work with other passionate people on projects that advocate social and environmental justice. Since 2008 he is working as as a freelance videographer and digital producer in Berlin.

e-mail: daniel.dietz[at]

Jürgen Babel

Jürgen Babel

Voice Over & Radio

Jürgen has been an activist in Munich since 2001 and organizes cultural and informative events. He is active in the fields of audio and video for independent media & arts projects and is also a disc-jockey, musician and radio moderator in the local sub-cultural scene. For acTVism Munich he is responsible for voice synchronization in the German language. He is acTVism Munich’s official voice of Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis.

e-mail: juergen.babel[at]

Dorian Dietz

Video-Editor & Cameraman

Dorian Dietz was born in 1972 in Somerville, New Jersey and grew up with a bilingual background (German and English) in Frankfurt Germany. In 1995 Dorian started working as an industrial mechanic in Hofheim. In fall of 1999 he moved to Pittsburgh due to a job opportunity. The following years Dorian developed a strong interest in digital media, particularly in the production of mini-videos. While still living in Pittsburgh Dorian joined acTVism in 2017 and was responsible primarily for video-editing. In 2019 Dorian decided to leave the United States to move back to Berlin, Germany. Since then he has taken on further responsibilities in the production department of acTVism Munich which now includes camera work.

e-Mail: dorian.dietz[at]

Sasa Cvetkovic

Sasa Cvetkovic

Chief Operating Officer

Sasa Cvetkovic is the Chief Operating Officer at acTVism Munich. He is responsible for all non-journalistic matters that include areas such as finance, banking, donations, tax returns, employment, etc. Sasa finished his studies in industrial management and naturopathy. He lives in Kaufbeuern and enjoys nature in Bavaria.

e-mail: sasa.cvetkovic[at]

Mike Csorba

Michael Csorba

Head of Translation & QA

Michael studied Technical Communication and wrote his thesis about linguistic quality in computer games. Since “A Conversation on Privacy” he has been supporting acTVism Munich as a translator and production assistant. He recently founded where he helps game designers and publishers with editing and translation services for their manuals.

e-mail: michael.csorba[at]

Leonardo Torres

Leonardo Torres

Research and Translation

Leonardo Torres as a researcher and translator at acTVism Munich. A biotechnologist orginally from Columbia, Leonardo was a part of the samll, loose group of people who translated texts from ZCommunications into German for Znet Germany for internet use. During this time, among other things, he had the opportunity to interview naom Chomsky. He is interessted in support for the closure of foreign mitlitary bases, the so-called „manufacturing of consent“ through the mainstream media, colonial history and anarchism.

e-mail: leonardo.torres[at]

Yann Glockzin


Yann is part of the translation team at acTVism. He is a state-certified foreign language correspondent for French and English and is doing his Master of Education degree in Berlin. At the moment, he is teaching German to refugees on a voluntary basis.

e-Mail: yann.glockzin[at]

Taylor Hudak

Journalist & Editor

Taylor Hudak is a journalist and editor with acTVism Munich. She is the co-founder of the decentralized activist organization Action 4 Assange. Taylor has advocated for targeted persons serving as a spokesperson for exiled kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson’s 1vs5i and Protect Suzie campaigns. Taylor holds a BA in English from Kent State University and is currently a master’s candidate in journalism.

E-Mail: taylor.hudak[at]

Mette Mølgaard Henriksen

Journalist & Editor

Mette Mølgaard Henriksen is a journalist and editor with acTVism Munich. Originally from Denmark, but currently living in Munich, after years of travelling in especially Latin America. She is a journalist specialised in international development, and cover in particular societal and environmental issues – often in a Latin American context. More information about her work here:

E-Mail: mette.moelgaard[at]

Gaitee Hussain

Translation & Editor

Gaitee Hussain is an astronomer with extensive experience in the editing, design and production of scientific journals and technical documents. Her background as a British Pakistani and her experiences living and working in several cities across Europe and the USA exposed her to the deficiencies in the media landscape and associated narratives, and have motivated her to contribute to acTVism Munich e.V. especially due to its non-profit, independent nature.

E-Mail: gaitee.hussain[at]