Paul Jay on Corporate Media, Consumer Responsibility, Donald Trump, 9/11, Climate Change & The Real News Network

Paul Jay on acTVism Munich

Paul Jay on Corporate Media, Consumer Responsibility, Donald Trump, 9/11, Climate Change & The Real News Network

In this interview with the senior editor and founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, we examine the role of the mainstream media and how it covers underlying issues that shape and mold our society. In addition we examine the responsibility of the viewer & reader while consuming news and find out about the plans that The Real News Network has to approach people locally as well informing the international community about environmental issues.

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Paul Jay
Paul Jay

Paul Jay is the CEO and Senior Editor of The Real News Network (TRNN).  He leads a staff of forty people covering international and U.S. news, including the new Baltimore Bureau. TRNN began in Toronto in 2007 and is now based in Baltimore, MD. TRNN is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service. It doesn’t accept advertising, government or corporate funding. Instead, it’s sustained by viewer donations and earned revenue.

Paul is host of the Real News show Reality Asserts Itself which features in-depth biographical and political interviews with some of the leading minds of our time. He is now heading up an initiative to create a Global Climate Bureau that will produce daily news about the urgency of, and solutions to, the climate change crisis. He is Executive Producer of the new documentary film “The Doubt Machine: the Koch Brothers war on climate science” narrated by Emma Thompson. Jay is also an award-winning filmmaker and was founding chair of Hot Doc! International Documentary Film Festival and executive producer for ten years of the CBC daily current affairs show counterSpin.

Paul Jay will address questions concerning independent and mainstream media and the role they play in our society.