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Jill Stein, Abby Martin, Glenn Greeenwald

EVENT: Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context | Glenn Greenwald, Jill Stein & Abby Martin

20. April 2018

EVENT: Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context | Glenn Greenwald, Jill Stein & Abby Martin




Since the Global Financial Crisis we have seen a drastic change in the political configuration of Western countries with centrist parties on the wane or facing internal crises of their own while inequality, climate change and militarization continue to push the world into very dangerous territory.

Governments across the industrialized world have resorted to implementing neoliberal policies which have been marked by deep cuts to social programs while bailing out the wealthiest speculators in our societies. Furthermore, in the 2010’s we have witnessed the effects of Climate Change through extreme weather events where one might think it would give even the most fervent deniers pause. As record temperatures are set year after year, carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere continues to climb upwards to ever more threatening levels.

As ongoing interventionist wars and regional conflicts the world over continue to drive millions into exile, the effects of climate change have and will continue to increase the number of victims fleeing in hope of safe haven only to face increasingly xenophobic rhetoric and inaction from those countries to which they are turning to for help. In addition, refugees who do achieve asylum are exposed to scapegoating and attack from a growing hard right polity.

VIDEO TRAILER: Global Issues in Context with Glenn Greenwald, Jill Stein & Abby Martin

These developments come with a backdrop where militarization and nuclear proliferation is accelerating as well – we can talk of a new Cold War with ever more bellicose political and media discourse with nuclear armed Russia being blamed for western woes, alleged meddling in elections and threatening the security of NATO countries.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ famous Doomsday Clock stands at two minutes to midnight – midnight being the end of the road for our and many other of Earth’s species.

Are these events interconnected? Can we see a pattern? Are they taken out of context or completely ignored? What solutions can be pursued going forward? We will speak with international experts about underlying structures and connections in order to help provide the context needed to take action for the betterment of all.

LIVE IN MUNICH. On the 6th of May, 2018, in Muffatwerk.


Topics of the evening:

  • Civil rights and mass surveillance
  • Russia and Nato
  • Militarization and the nuclear threat
  • Independent Media and Corporate Media
  • Environment
  • US domestic politics

The Panel includes the following Experts:


glenn greenwald activism eventGlenn Greenwald is a former constitutional lawyer, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, and the author of several bestsellers, including With Liberty and Justice for  Some (2011) and No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State (2014).  Acclaimed as one of the 25 most influential political commentators by The Atlantic, one of America’s top 10 opinion writers by Newsweek, and one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2013 by Foreign Policy, Greenwald is a former constitutional and civil rights litigator. He was a columnist for The Guardian until October 2013 and is now a founding editor of the media outlet, The Intercept. He has won numerous awards for his NSA reporting, including the 2013 Polk Award for national security reporting, the top 2013 investigative journalism award from the Online News Association, the Esso Award for Excellence in Reporting (the Brazilian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), and the 2013 Pioneer Award from Electronic Frontier Foundation. He also received the first annual I. F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism in 2009 and a 2010 Online Journalism Award for his investigative work on the arrest and detention of Chelsea Manning. In 2013, Greenwald led the Guardian reporting that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service, and his work was featured in the 2014 film Citizenfour, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary.


Jill Stein was the U.S. Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2016 and 2012. She is an organizer, physician and environmental health advocate. In the 2016 election, she was the only national Presidential candidate to call for an emergency jobs program to jointly solve the climate and economic crises, and for demilitarization through a foreign policy based on international law, diplomacy and human rights. She was also the only candidate to be arrested for supporting the Dakota Sioux nation in resisting the DAPL pipeline. Following the 2016 election, she launched a recount initiative – which is ongoing – to investigate potential interference in the presidential election.x


Abby Martin is a visual artist and independent journalist. She is the founder of Media Roots, board member of Project Censored, former host of RT’s Breaking the Set, creator and host of The Empire Files on teleSUR.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Zain Raza

Zain Raza is the founder and senior editor of acTVism Munich. He is a journalist, activist and cultural promoter in Munich. As an activist he co-organized a number of demonstrations in Munich which included “March Against Monstanto”, and as a cultural promoter he brought hundreds of people together with his event “Pakistani on the Menu” that presented food, arts and music from many different cultures.

As a writer and journalist, Raza’s research on political and economic issues was featured on the Tribune Express which he left in 2013 to found acTVism Munich. Since acTVim Munich’s founding Raza has directly overseen and directed the production of over 300 videos that include interviews and events with experts such as Edward Snowden, Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Glenn Greenwald, Hans-Christian Ströbele, Gerald Hüther, Katja Kipping, Sarah Harrison, Abby Martin, Medea Benjamin, Jeremy Scahill,  Richard D. Wollf, Jürgen Todenhöfer, William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Annie Machon and many others. To find out more about Zain’s background, click here. x


  • DATE: 6th of May, 2018.
  • LOCATION: Muffatwerk, Zellstraße 4, 81667 Munich
  • TICKETS Online: Click here
  • TICKETS –  Buy tickets beforehand from a booking office without online & delivery costs: Click Here
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PUBLISHING: The video of this event will be published on the 8th of May on our website in English & German
  • FACEBOOK: Click here


16:00 Entry
17:30 Opening Speech
17:50 Interview with Abby Martin
18:25 Interview with Jill Stein
19:05 Video conference with Glenn Greenwald
19:45 Break
20:30 Discussion with Abby Martin and Jill Stein with round of public questions
21:15 Closing word and networking
22:00 End





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VIDEO: Edward Snowden Event – An Exclusive look Behind the Scenes

Glenn Greenwald Picture Credit: Jimmy Chalk


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Great idea.I’m on a pension and my insurance is due this month or I’d go for sure(online)Hopefully,by May 6 I’ll have the money and be able to attend.I love the cast and panel and the topics are perfect.

in case I’m unable to attend,can you ask Glenn what it’s like having his travel restricted and never being able to visit family or friends unless they can go to you.How can we make it so for the real criminals on the planet?

Please contact me, especially the activist from Berlin Germany. I have the address of you from Noam Chomsky. 01575-1218118

How long will Abby Martin be in Munich?
She might like to interview or talk to local activists such as Judith Bernstein of the Jüd.-Palest. Dialoggruppe, Nirit Sommerfeld, and Fuad Hamdan (for example).

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