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All you need to know about the latest Climate Report | With Professor Emily Boyd

All you need to know about the latest Climate Report | With Professor Emily Boyd

5. May 2022

In this episode of Know Your Stuff, we talk with Emily Boyd, Professor in Sustainability Studies and Director at Center for Sustainability Studies, Lund University (Sweden). We examine the report “Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change” (April 4 2022), which is the third and last part of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, which will be completed this year. We elaborate on the main findings of the report, which is looking at ways to limit & prevent human-caused emissions that contribute to global warming. We also come about the mainstream media coverage. Finally, we talk about what we can all do to take action and how to deal with climate anxiety. 

VIDEO: All you need to know about the latest Climate Report | With Professor Emily Boyd


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Emily Boyd is Professor in Sustainability Studies and a leading social scientist with a specialist focus on environment and climate change. Her unique focus has been on the interdisciplinary nexus of poverty, livelihoods and resilience in relation to global environmental change, focusing on issues pertaining to cities, sustainable land use, water and deforestation in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and Europe. Her work has been published across the social and sustainability sciences with notable publications on resilience, adaptation and the politics and practice of community participation in the new carbon economy.

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