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CROWDFUNDING: Protect Press Freedom & Independent Journalism

6. December 2021

CROWDFUNDING: Protect Press Freedom & Independent Journalism

Today we launch our yearly Crowdfunding campaign with the goal of continuing our independent and nonprofit journalism for 2022. This campaign will end on January 7, 2021. The goal of this campaign is to attract over 1000 monthly donors to support our journalism with as little as $5 per month to help us cover our operating costs for 2022. Right now we only have 200 monthly donors. Please click here or scroll below to find out how you can become a monthly supporter.

The Corona crisis and the fact that YouTube is limiting our reach has put us in a very difficult situation that is negatively impacting our donations. Since our inception in 2014, we have been gaining new subscribers every month. Our videos were being suggested by YouTube to a new audiences. However, this trend reversed starting from October last year: Our videos are rarely, if ever, suggested to new viewers and in 2021 this trend worsened even though we are producing 200-250 videos a year. We are simply not gaining any new subscribers, which is unprecedented given our previous growth. To overcome these obstacles, today we not only launched a new website, but also created alternative social media channels on Telegram and Rumble.

Last but not least, the Corona crisis is having a significant impact on our economy and is negatively affecting our donations. Both our one-time and monthly donations are below our monthly operating costs, and if we continue this trend, we will have to cease operations in the summer of 2022.

VIDEO: Protect Press Freedom & Independent Journalism Today

We need your support now more than ever before. We would like to continue covering the most pressing issues of our society not being adequately covered by corporate media. This includes our regular reporting on press freedom cases – especially on Julian Assange. A true and vibrant democracy can only function when individuals collectively understand the value of an independent and free press – the fourth estate – and protect it with vigor. Your support will be essential in order to uphold the foundations of a free press. To find out how to participate in our Campaign, check out the donation options listed below. Thank you for your love and generosity!

For Donors based in the U.S.: Become a regular Donor via Patreon

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Only donations from Germany are tax deductible. Please contact us at [email protected] for a donation receipt.

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