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Crowdfunding update 3

Crowdfunding Week 3 Update: Did we reach our goal? Find out!

30. December 2021

Crowdfunding Week 3 Update: Did we reach our goal? Find out!

Dear viewers & supporters,

We are happy to announce that in the 3rd week since the start of our crowdfunding campaign, we have received 11600 Euros from 188 donors so far. Our campaign will end on January 7, 2022. To reach our goal, we need another 3400 euros or at least 1000 monthly supporters (Patreon) of 5 euros each. If we reach this goal, we can continue and even expand our independent and non-profit journalism in 2022!

If we fail to do so, it will negatively impact our capacity and coverage of issues such as press freedom, war and peace, human rights, etc. Impact.

Please join us and donate if you haven’t already.The future of our independent journalism, which is ad-free and does not accept money from corporations or governments, depends only on its viewers to continue!

Thank you for supporting acTVism Munich!

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Only donations from Germany are tax deductible. Please contact us at [email protected] for a donation receipt.

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