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Flüchtlinge in München

Refugees in Munich – acTVism Report

12. September 2015

Today I spent some time around local grassroots organizers/activists and the hundreds of ‪#‎refugees‬ coming into Munich thanks to one of the organizers, Judith Pawlos.

At the moment, the support system for refugees is ice thin as there is no guarantee for the core team that volunteers will show up the next day as well. It is the engagement and organizational skills of the local grassroots activists that is holding everything together. The government, as opposed to what the mainstream press is reporting, is at best, providing minimal support to them: A handful of microphones to communicate and a bus that serves as an office. Compare this to the G7, Davos or Securtiy summit/Gipfel/Conference, and you’ll immediately know where the priorities our of federal & state governments are.

From an efficient communication system, databases that track donations, supplies & incoming refugees to spokepersons that can speak multiple languages – these grassroots activists are highly energized, organized & tech savy. Unfortunately, they lack volunteers as they told me personally that there were times when they had only 4-5 volunteers when faced with circa 800 incoming refugees and that local politicans turned a blind eye to them when asked for assistance. It is really inspiring to see grassroots structures develop in any society that mobilizes itself for meaningful change.

My only hope & wish is that they get enough support so that they continue with their work (especially now that 40.000 more refugees are expected to arrive over the next three days)! Please contact & support them: I will be following the developments closely and provide an update every now and then.

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