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Dilma Rousseff

First Interview With Brazil’s President Rousseff Since Impeachment Vote

24. May 2016

First Interview With Brazil’s President Rousseff Since Impeachment Vote

This video orginally appeared on “The Intercept”. acTVism Munich translated it into the German language.

President Dilma Rousseff was suspended from the presidency when the Senate voted 55-22 for an impeachment trial over alledged budgetary maneuvers (“pedaladas”) to cover up the size of the public debt.

Although Rousseff remains the president for now and continues to live in the presidential palace, vice president Michel Temer has taken over her duties as interim president. Temer has already assembled a conservative, all-white, male cabinet.

In this Interview hosted by Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept the following issues are discussed

  • The policies of the Temer administration
  • Civil disobedience in Brazil
  • The effects on international and economic relations

These and many other topics are discussed in the following Video:

VIDEO: Interview with President Rousseff since Impeachment Vote

For the full transcript of the interview, click here.

For more video with Glenn Greenwald, visit our YouTube playlist.

Notable quotes from the interview:

Dilma Rousseff on suspended investigations:

We should not have double standards in our country. If you’re investigating one, you have to investigate them all. No one should be spared from the investigations.

Dilma Rousseff on budgetary maneuvers:

They are not high crimes just as much as they are not crimes against the budget. They are not crimes.

Dilma Rousseff on civil disobedience:

Because we need concrete battles – not a generalized civil disobedience. There will be some concrete struggles. People will have to organize in the most diverse ways. If you call protests civil disobedience, then I’d say, yes, civil disobedience. Now, it depends how you define it.

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