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Israel & Gaza: A Different Perspective with Independent Journalist Fabian Scheidler

Israel & Gaza: A Different Perspective with Independent Journalist Fabian Scheidler

7. February 2024

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In this episode of The Source, we talk to author and independent journalist Fabian Scheidler about the latest developments surrounding Israel-Gaza and Ukraine. We begin the interview by looking at Fabian Scheidler’s recent article highlighting the hypocrisy of mainstream political parties in Germany who on one hand support local demonstrations against far-right parties, but on the other hand continue to support far-right governments abroad. We then assess the credibility of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice as well as the Israeli intelligence agency’s claim that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has been infiltrated by Hamas. We also look at the significance of the escalating situation in the Red Sea between the Houthi militia from Yemen and the US military. And finally, we discuss the latest international developments in connection with the war in Ukraine.

VIDEO: Israel & Gaza: A Different Perspective with Independent Journalist Fabian Scheidler

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Fabian Scheidler, born in 1968, studied history and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin and theater directing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt/M. Since 2001, he has worked as a freelance writer for print media, television, theater and opera. In 2009, he founded the independent television magazine Kontext TV with David Goeßmann. Otto Brenner Media Prize for critical journalism (2009). As a dramaturge and playwright, he worked for many years for the Grips Theater in Berlin. In 2013, his opera “Death of a Banker” (music: Andreas Kersting) premiered at the Gerhart Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz. In 2015, Fabian Scheidler’s book “Das Ende der Megamaschine. Geschichte einer scheiternden Zivilisation” by Promedia Verlag (Vienna). The Robert Jungk Library for Future Studies selected it as one of the “TOP 10 Future Literature 2015”. Visit his website here:

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