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Israel's goals in Gaza & debunking the Mainstream Narrative - Dimitri Lascaris

Israel’s goals in Gaza & debunking the Mainstream Narrative – Dimitri Lascaris

24. November 2023

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In this episode of The Source, we speak with journalist and international law and human rights lawyer Dimitri Lascaris about the latest developments surrounding Israel’s war in Gaza. First, we look at the significance of the hostage agreement between Israel and Hamas, which involves the release of 150 Palestinian hostages in exchange for 50 Israeli hostages and a 4-day ceasefire. We also investigate the credibility of the evidence presented so far by Israel regarding the Hamas command center under the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, Al Shifa Hospital. Furthermore, we assess whether Israel’s actions in Gaza amount to genocide under international law and ask why regional actors such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc. have not taken decisive action against Israel despite their criticism of Israel’s war. Finally, we explore the question of why US support for the war in Ukraine continues to wane and whether Germany can fill the gap to help Ukraine achieve a victory against Russia.

VIDEO: Israel’s goals in Gaza & debunking the Mainstream Narrative – Dimitri Lascaris

VIDEO: Hamas’ Attack on Israel & the Roots of the Conflict – International Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris

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Dimitri Lascaris is a journalist and lawyer. As a lawyer, he specializes in class action litigation, international law and human rights. He was a member of the shadow cabinets of the Green Parties of Canada and Quebec. In 2020, he ran for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada and came in second.

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