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LIVE STREAM: WikiLeaks “First they came for Assange”

19. June 2016

LIVE STREAM: WikiLeaks “First they came for Assange”

Today the 19th of June 2016 WikiLeaks are hosting an event at Berlin’s Volksbühne. The event “First they came for Assange” is being broadcasted simultaneously from several cities via video conference. This event focuses on the role and importance of whistleblowers and investigative journalists today.

LIVE STREAM: WikiLeaks “First they came for Assange”

Livestream via Volksbühne, Berlin: Volksbühne Berlin

Livestream via WikiLeaks: “First they came for Assange

Tomorrow we will release an exclusive report with Wikileaks which will include interviews & excerpts with activists such as Sarah Harrison, Hans Christian Ströbele, Angela Richter, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill, Julian Assange, Yanis Varoufakis, Slavoj Žižek, Arundhati Roy, Brian Eno, Patti Smith, Vivienne Westwood and many more!

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