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Ukrainian dissident resists NATO's proxy war

Ukrainian dissident resists NATO’s proxy war

26. September 2023

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Ukrainian journalist and exiled antiwar dissident Ruslan Kotsaba has been jailed and brutally attacked for his years of opposition to his government’s war in the Donbas, and his calls for peace with Russia. From exile, he speaks to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal about the growing movement in Ukraine against escalating the war, and the price his countrymen face for attempting to escape the war.

This video was produced by The Grayzone and published on their YouTube channel on the 9th of September, 2023. We have translated it into German and are republishing it today to help build opinion on this issue in Germany.

To read the transcript of the interview: Ukrainian dissident resists NATO’s proxy war

VIDEO: Ukrainian dissident resists NATO’s proxy war

NOTE: We consider it justified to publish the interview with peace activist and conscientious objector Ruslan Kotsaba, as he has publicly distanced himself from his radical right-wing views expressed in 2011 and has been proving this for years through words and deeds.

About our import program: In this program, we publish content from external authors, activists and journalists. This includes both international and local content that, in our editorial opinion, is not sufficiently covered in the media landscape. The content does not necessarily reflect acTVism Munich’s own editorial stance.

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Ruslan Kotsaba is a Ukrainian journalist who was convicted of being a conscientious objector in Ukraine

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