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An important message for our viewers - Crowdfunding 2023

An Important Announcement about our Future

7. December 2022

On December 7, 2022, we launched our annual crowdfunding campaign with the goal of continuing our independent and nonprofit journalism in 2023. Journalism that is viewer funded, free from advertisement, as well as corporate and government interests. During our last crowdfunding campaign we raised Euro 20,000 and this year we require Euro 25,000 to continue in 2023. This campaign will end on January 10, 2023. The goal of this campaign is to attract over 1000 monthly donors to support our journalism with as little as $5 per month to help us cover our operating costs for 2022. Right now we only have 200 monthly donors. Please click here or scroll below to find out how you can become a monthly supporter.

This year was quite challenging for us given how the economic impact of inflation as well as the corona lockdown at the beginning of the year impacted our capabilities. In addition our reach on YouTube and other social media platforms has been severely impacted – including our subscriber count and viewership. Our videos are not getting the same reach as they used to before the corona crisis began in 2020. Although we launched alternative media channels on Rumble and Telegram last year, we have only been able to convince a few thousands people to join them as compared to our YouTube channel which has 105,000 subscribers. So Please make sure to join these channels by visiting the links listed in the description and help us build a true alternative to corporate media.

We want to continue reporting on the most important issues in our society that are not adequately covered by the corporate media. This includes our coverage of press freedom cases – especially the case of Julian Assange and for that we need your support. We currently have about 200 monthly donors, although we have over 100,00 subscribers on YouTube and in order to continue our work in 2023, we need at least 1000 supporters, starting from as little as 5 dollars or euros per month via Patreon, PayPal or other platforms like or bank accounts.

We thank you for your support and genorsity!

Your acTVism-Team

VIDEO: Crowdfunding Launch for 2023

For Donors based in the U.S.: Become a regular Donor via Patreon

Donate via PayPal

Donate via

Donate via our International Bank Account

  • International Bank Account Number: DE89430609678224073600
  • Name of account holder: acTVism Munich e.V.
  • Name of Bank: GLS Bank

All donations are only tax deductible if you are based in Germany!

2 replies on “An Important Announcement about our Future”

Hochachtung! Ihr macht wirklich sehr wichtige und gute Arbeit. Bitte mach weiter! Ich bin dabei! Ich unterstütze euch!✊✊✊😍😍😍

Finde eure Arbeit gut, besonders liegt mir die Situation von Julian Assange am Herzen. Habe daher gerade den Dauerauftrag zum Crowdfunding eingerichtet.

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