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Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It

12. March 2018

Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It

This video was originally produced and published by The Real News Network‘s Ben Norton. acTVism Munich volunteers translated and synchronized it into the German language to create awareness on this crucial topic.

In this video independent and non-profit media outlet The Real News Network‘s Ben Norton examines the United States’ history of intervening in foreign countries since the post war period which stretches from Latin America, Europe to the Middle East. This report comes at a time when the political and media establishment is primarily focused on “Russiagate” – the claim that the Russian government interfered in the U.S election to assist the victory of Donald Trump.

VIDEO: Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling

To read the transcript of this interview, click here.

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The Real News NetworkThe Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service. TRNN does not accept advertising, government or corporate funding. TRNN is sustained by viewer donations and earned revenue.

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Ben Norton  is a producer and reporter for The Real News. His work focuses primarily on U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, media criticism, and movements for economic and social justice. Ben Norton was previously a staff writer at Salon and AlterNet. You can find him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.


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