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Mini-Doku: Gore Vidals Geschichte des nationalen Sicherheitsstaates der USA

Mini Doc: Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State

29. March 2022

When Julian Assange was arrested, he was holding up a copy of Paul Jay’s book, “Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State.” This mini-documentary is the original 2005 interview with Vidal, upon which the book is based. We republish it now as a way of protesting the persecution of Assange and the threat to what’s left of press freedom in the United States.

This video was produced and published by theAnalysis.News on the 14th of December, 2021. We translated and published this content today to public education on this topic locally.

VIDEO: Mini Doc: Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State

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Gore Vidal is the author of twenty-two novels and has written films including the classics Ben-Hur and Suddenly, Last Summer. He the author of The Last Empire and Inventing a Nation.

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