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“Come getcher medicine” | acTVism Munich Comics

2. November 2018

“Come getcher medicine” | acTVism Munich Comics

From Rees Jeannotte

Sprachlos, the German word for ‘speechless’ in English, is the overarching theme for my dialogue free, single-page comics. I want to tell short stories about things that interest me or I feel passionate about and hope that they strike an emotional cord with the reader as well as provoke them into questioning all those things we’ve come to accept about our society.

COMIC: “Come getcher medicine”


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Rees Jeannotte ist im Vorstand bei acTVism Munich und Teil der Redaktion. Rees stammt ursprünglich aus British Columbia in Kanada. Er wohnt zufrieden in München, arbeitet als Illustrator und veröffentlicht unter anderem gesellschaftskritische Comics.

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