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The Amazon Rainforest Is Disappearing – What can be done?

1. October 2021
The Amazon Rainforest Is Disappearing – What can be done?

In this episode of Know Your Stuff, we interview Marcio Astrini, who is Executive Secretary of Observatório do Clima. We talk about how Observatório do Clima observes the Amazon rainforest and what state the rainforest is in regards to deforestation. We also discuss the role of the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and how it is different from the one of previous governments. We look into the linkage between deforestation of the Amazon and recent extreme climate events worldwide. Finally, we highlight the consequences of deforestation and how it affects both Nature and humans.

To read the transcript of this interview: The Amazon Rainforest Is Disappearing – What can be done?

VIDEO: The Amazon Rainforest Is Disappearing – What can be done?

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Marcio Astrini is Executive Secretary of Observatório do Clima, a coalition formed in 2002, consisting of 66 non-profit environmental, indigenous and climate change mitigation organizations. Marcio Astrini holds an undergraduate degree in public management and a graduate degree in public policy and constitutional law. He has extensive experience in the Executive and Legislative branches and in the Third Sector. For the past 13 years, he has worked for Greenpeace Brazil. He is a member of the general assembly of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change.

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