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REWIND: The complete acTVism Video Series with Abby Martin

18. December 2018

REWIND: The complete acTVism Video Series with Abby Martin

Thank you for visiting our exclusive Rewind video compilation with Abby Martin. In the coming days we will be compiling our most interesting and exciting content from 2014 to 2018 with leading experts from around the globe.

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VIDEO: The Future of The Empire Files & Social Media Censorship

VIDEO: Corporate Media, Imperialism & People Power

VIDEO: Abby Martin and Jill Stein – acTVism Munich Press Conference

VIDEO: How You can Change the World – A Solution Oriented Discussion

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS with Abby Martin

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Abby Martin is a visual artist and independent journalist. She is the founder of Media Roots, board member of Project Censored, former host of RT’s Breaking the Set, creator and host of The Empire Files on teleSUR.

To find out more about Abby Martin’s work, visit:


1 reply on “REWIND: The complete acTVism Video Series with Abby Martin”

Thank you so much for all that you are doing 7 accomplishing. I would add that networking & organizing can be made much simpler when you keep this commonality in mind.

When Eisenhower warned us of a military industrial complex it was in its infancy and it was hard to grasp his meaning, being a former military AEC commander. But…subsequently it has grown so many tentacles that the term “military industrial complex is now an inadequate misnomer. More accurately it should be described in these terms…military-educational-telecommunications-financial-municipal-congressional-industrial complex.

So, now, since it touches so many varied and complete aspects of our lives it is practically impossible NOT to find a commonality with someone who wants to become active it thwarting its agenda. The trillions of $$$ that it requires for self-perpetuation impinges upon all of us, less indirectly than directly in its current state.

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