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Russiagate – How credible is the Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion? | With Aaron Maté

16. January 2018

Russiagate – How credible is the Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion? | With Aaron Maté

In the first part of this interview series we talk to Aaron Maté, host for The Real News Network and a contributor to The Nation, about Russiagate and whether the evidence that is commonly cited to support this narrative is credible. In addition Maté discusses the coverage of the mainstream media on Russiagate including the blunders that major outlets have made since this issue became a central story in the United States.

VIDEO: Russiagate – How credible is the evidence?

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Aaron MateAaron Maté is a Brooklyn-based host/producer for The Real News and a contributor to the Nation. He has previously reported and produced for Democracy Now!, Vice, and Al Jazeera; as well as written for the Toronto Star, the Intercept, and Le Monde Diplomatique.

twitter: @aaronjmate


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2 replies on “Russiagate – How credible is the Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion? | With Aaron Maté”

great interview with aaron mate. I can’t recommend enough people subscribe and donate generously to the Real News. superb independent media outlet not beholden to any government, corporate sponsors or insincere wealthy donors They’ve boldly not jumped the shark unlike soo many other independent or left leaning outlets on Russia conspiracy theories, the ‘Assad must go’ thereby whitewashing and empowering ISIS and other ‘moderate rebels’ backed by the US,UK,Saudi Arabia, and Qatar which influences Al Jazeera, and not supporting the efforts to oust Madurdo backed by an opposition which is supported by the US,UK,Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and the EU. Both past and present reports and discussion and special interviews are fantastic and I find them very underrated.

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