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Venezuela Update: The failed Coup Attempt & the State of U.S. Intervention

30. May 2019

Venezuela Update: The failed Coup Attempt & the State of U.S. Intervention

In this video we interview the sociologist and founder of, Gregory Wilpert, on the recent situation in Venezuela. We begin the interview by surfacing the backgrounds of key American figures driving U.S. policy in Venezuela, analyse the internal politics of the opposition there and find out why they’ve now opened up for negotiations with the Maduro government. Furthermore we examine in detail how the sanctions are affecting ordinary people in Venezuela and whether there is still a possibility for the U.S. government to intervene militarily.

VIDEO: Venezuela Update – The failed Coup Attempt & the State of U.S. Intervention

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Gregory WilpertGregory Wilpert is managing editor at The Real News Network, who earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Brandeis University in 1994. Between 2000 and 2008 he lived in Venezuela, where he taught at the Central University of Venezuela and then worked as a freelance journalist, writing on Venezuelan politics for a wide range of publications and also founded, an english-langugage website about Venezuela.


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