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Varoufakis: “Clinton ruled herself out of progressive politics when she backed the war in Iraq”

19. May 2016
In this video produced by Business Insider, the former finance minister of Greece and the founder of DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025), Yanis Varoufakis, provides his take on Hillary Clinton’s politics. Varoufakis ellaborates on the reasons why he thinks the presidential candidate does not qualify as a representative of the left & progressive politics.

Video: Yanis Varoufakis on Hillary Clinton by Business Insider

Transcript of the video:

Just because she [Hillary Clinton] is on the left of Donald Trump does not exactly qualify her for being a representative of the left. It’s like saying Attila the Hun was on the left of Genghis Khan. It doesn’t make much sense. Hillary Clinton ruled herself out of progressive politics when she backed the war in Iraq. When, as secretary of the state, she participated in this catastrophe, which is Libya, and indeed celebrating watching the video of the mutilation of a very bad man [Muammar Gaddafi]. Anyone who actually celebrates watching the mutilation even of an enemy in my mind is a dangerous person. And finally when she strategically, but also I think in terms of belief, identified completely with Wall Street and the struggle that Wall Street made after 2008 not to be seriously reformed following the collapse that it occasioned.

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2 replies on “Varoufakis: “Clinton ruled herself out of progressive politics when she backed the war in Iraq””

Having lived in Europe for many years, I can tell you as a fact that most mainstream Right Wing politicians in Europe are more left than Hillary Clinton or the mainstream DNC. HRC is a Right Center Conservative, with political philosophies that align with Ronald Reagan. That’s why she will attract many old school Republican voters.

Her husband, Slick Willy, is even more right wing than Hillary. God help us if he influences our future economy as she has promised.

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