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Pakistani and Lebanese on the Menu

Pakistani & Lebanese on the Menu

23. June 2017

Upcoming Event – “Pakistani & Lebanese on the Menu” in Munich

An event that promotes culture, integration and independent journalism


A goal of acTVism Munich is to overcome generalizations in our society as well as create conditions that foster empathy and understanding between humans.

For this reason we are organizing an event on the 2nd of July 2017 at the Muffatwerk in Munich called “Pakistani & Lebanese on the Menu: Obatzda meets Pakistan & Lebanon“. At this event we plan to bring together local and international arts and culture with dishes from diverse countries.

The buffet will consist of  Pakistani, Lebanese and Bavarian specialities.  The musical program & art galley will provide an opportunity for grassroots artists from local & international backgrounds to present their work. Guests participating in this event are welcomed to get to know each other, network and share their cultural experiences and traditions.

In a time when forces are dividing our society, we believe that this event can make a huge difference in countering this momentum.

The founder of acTVism Munich, Zain Raza, has hosted such events in the past before in a private atmosphere where people used to bring food from home and pay and help as they liked. Check out the video below to find out more about Pakistani on the Menu:

VIDEO: Pakistani & Lebanese on the Menu

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