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Tag: Iran

9. March 2021

The State of the Empire under the Biden Admin. | With Retired Army Colonel Wilkerson

In this video, we interview former US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson about the state of the U.S. empire under the Biden administration.

4. December 2016

Paul Jay and Abby Martin discussTrump’s cabinet, Jill Stein’s recount, Fake News and US foreign policy

In this discussion produced by The Real News Network, a host of issues are discussed between the founder and senior editor of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, and host of The Empire Files, Abby Martin.

27. June 2016

The Cluster-Bomb Industry and why it cannot be stopped

In this article we cover the business with cluster bombs and why it is not being stopped. acTVism Munich translated two articles from “The Intercept” as well as “Democracy Now!” for this piece.