Yanis Varoufakis: Why the Universal Basic Income is a Necessity – VIDEO

Yanis Varoufakis - Grundeinkommen
In this video former finance minister of Greece, professor of economics, author and founder of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), Yanis Varoufakis, argues why a Basic Income is necessity today. His arguments take into account a macro socio-economic, psychological, philosophical and moral perspective. In addition Varoufakis after the speech addresses a wide range of questions from the public.

Universal Basic Income: A Solution to Inequality, Economic Instability, and Climate Change

Universal Basic Income: A Solution to Inequality, Economic Instability, and Climate Change This interview with  James K. Boyce produced by The Real News Network deals with the the concept of the Universal Basic Income and addresses the arguements that are usually made against it. Boyce is a Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the Director […]

“U.S. media really love the pseudo-patriotism, militarism & use of technology” – Norman Solomon

Corporate Media War & Militarism
“U.S. media really love the pseudo-patriotism, militarism & use of technology” – Norman Solomon Shortly after President Trump ordered 59 cruise missile strikes on the Syrian air base, U.S. media outlets fell all over themselves with praise for Trump’s action. Some called him presidential. According to an analysis by Fairness and Accuracy, in reporting five […]

Paul Jay on Corporate Media, Consumer Responsibility, Donald Trump, 9/11, Climate Change & The Real News Network

Paul Jay on acTVism Munich
In this interview with the senior editor and founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, we examine the role of the mainstream media and how it covers underlying issues that shape and mold our society. In addition we examine the responsibility of the viewer & reader while consuming news and find out about the plans that The Real News Network has to approach people locally as well informing the international community about environmental issues.

The full Translation: Snowden, Chomsky & Greenwald – A Conversation on Privacy

In March 2016, acTVism Munich contacted the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioural Sciences for permission to translate an event called “A Conversation on Privacy” which hosted Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky into the German language with the goal to create awareness on the issues discussed on a global scale. We not only received permission to translate and republish this event, but we are now happy to announce that we successfully accomplished this goal. The entire event is now available in German and will also be digital archived by us. Although we have the personnel to translate the content into Spanish, French and Greek as well, we lack the financial resources that would free up the necessary time required to undertake this critical initiative. If you think it is important to translate such discussions into multiple language in order to create awareness on them beyond the United States, then click here to donate to our current Crowdfunding campaign. Your donation will assist us in pursueing similar initiatives in the future!

VIDEO: Jeremy Scahill on the Military Industrial Complex, US-Airbase in Ramstein & Anti-War Movements

Jeremy Scahill with acTVism
In this interview with bestselling author, investigative reporter and co-founder of The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill, we talk about the political economy of the United States foreign policy apparatus and its influence abroad in countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia. In addition, we explore the role that Germany plays in the war on terror and the history of anti-war movements.