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Abby Martin

Abby Martin Interview – Good News

12. April 2015

Abby Martin ist eine amerikanische Journalistin und ehemalige Moderatorin von „Breaking the Set“ auf RT Amerika. Zudem ist Martin als Künstlerin und Aktivistin tätig und Mitbegründerin der Bürgerjournalisten-Website „Media Roots“.

„Die Erzeugung von Inhalten in alternativen Medien ist das Wichtigste, das wir im Moment tun können, um die Gedanken und Herzen der Menschen zu ändern.“

VIDEO: Interview mit Abby Martin bei „Good News“

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2 Antworten auf „Abby Martin Interview – Good News“

Nursing Homes = Silence about Death. All racing to the bottom to meet the goverment mandated minimum standard. I am in one of these (for-profit euphemisticaly named ie, Pleasant Valley Neuro-rehab) I also know William Coragan from the early 80’s please call or email. (312.785.1505) I am, but need help being a voice/activist stuck in this draconian system…There is no rehab here and I have been assulted twice by residents here…
(Koch is represented by Brian J. Holmes of Hurley McKenna & Mertz PC in Chicago.)(Cook County Circuit Court case number: 2015L001138. I am an Artist/Musician/Writer/Dj/S.A.G.T.
I have a story from an unbiased view from inside one of these so called (Centers for Rehabilitation)
Truth be told these places are (For Profit pergutory for social outcasts the socially inept and housing for criminals paid for by the Dept of Corrections) Not care for elderly but shelter for (Borederline Anti-social/soon to be a sheeple or commit an act of violence and just be sent to a different facility) No (CBT or DBT or qulified therapists)
“Poverty is the most extreme form of violence…”Dr Martin Luther King
(Occupy£°v€st) Abby the incandecent beauty and truth from your journalism has inspired me to be an activist to expose and help change this monopolistic for-profit soul stripping criminal non transistional recursive network. Sincerely =P

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