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Are Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc safe to use?

2. April 2016

Are Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc safe to use?

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In this video, acTVism Munich asks former MI5-Officer, Annie Machon, and Paul Jay, founder of the Real News Network, whether social media is safe for people to use given what was revealed to the public in the wake of Snowden’s revelations in 2013.

VIDEO: Is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc safe to use?

Notable excerpts from the video:

Annie Machon:

So this is a merger of this sort of major corporations and a major state infrastructure. To finish the basic quote I always go back to is the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s definition of fascism which was “the merger of the corporate and the state” and that is precisely what we are seeing now. So I’m not trying to frighten everyone or scare everyone out of social media but just be mindful of how they use it and mindful of what we give away.

Paul Jay:
They don’t control the world, you know, they try to, they would love to control the world but it’s constantly spinning out of their control and so… I mean how many people are on Facebook saying political things? Millions. Millions of people. What are they going to do with all of that? Now, I mean if you were really be involved in some very serious organizing and you really needed to keep some tactic or strategy unknown to the agencies, ok, get offline. I mean, that’s kind of obvious.
But we shouldn’t all walk around so paranoid that we are not going to step forward and take a stand and be engaged and be active because we are worried. It’s been going on for a long time. Is it unacceptable? Yes. Is it civilized? No. Is it anything in common with democracy? No. And we should raise our voices against it but we don’t need to walk around being afraid of that because what the hell they are going to do with all this information?

This slide, revealed by Edward Snowden, shows the timeline when social media companies began to join the clandestine NSA surveillance program:


In this video Glenn Greenwald also weighs in if applications such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc are safe to use and whether these software giants provided the data of their users voluntarily to the NSA or were forced to do so:


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