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Israel and Ukraine - Dismantling the Media Narrative with Dimitri Lascaris

Israel and Ukraine – Dismantling the Media Narrative with Dimitri Lascaris

21. Dezember 2023

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In this episode of The Source, we speak to journalist and international law and human rights lawyer Dimitri Lascaris about recent developments in Gaza and Ukraine. We begin the interview by examining Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s recent announcement to mobilize 500,000 people for the army and whether this is realistic to achieve. We then examine the question of why the German government is planning budget cuts in key areas of the economy while avoiding cuts to the military. Next, we discuss Israel’s war in Gaza, specifically analyzing the actions of the Houthi militia, which has been seizing commercial ships destined for Israel in the Red Sea, and whether or not this constitutes terrorism. We also examine the new US policy of restricting entry to extremist Israeli settlers who carry out violence against Palestinians, and ask whether this policy will have a significant impact. Finally, we discuss the new laws being introduced in Germany on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which prohibit certain speech, and their implications for civil liberties.

VIDEO: Israel and Ukraine – Dismantling the Media Narrative with Dimitri Lascaris

VIDEO: Israel’s goals in Gaza & debunking the Mainstream Narrative – Dimitri Lascaris

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Dimitri Lascaris is a journalist and lawyer. As a lawyer, he specializes in class action litigation, international law and human rights. He was a member of the shadow cabinets of the Green Parties of Canada and Quebec. In 2020, he ran for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada and came in second.

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