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Press Conference: DiEM 25 launched Yanis Varoufakis

Press Conference: DiEM 25 launched by Yanis Varoufakis

10. Februar 2016

DiEM 25 or The Democracy in Europe Movement 25 initiated by Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, and Srecko Horvat, philosopher & author, was launched with a press conference at Volksbühne in Berlin. To provide an accurate account of the launch of the movement to the public, acTVism Munich recorded the entire press conference.

(Aufgrund limitierter finanzieller Mittel steht dieser Beitrag nur auf Englisch zur Verfügung. Spenden Sie heute, um acTVism Munich e.V. zu unterstützen)

DiEM 25 – Press Conference

In the coming days, acTVism Munich plans to release a report on the activities that took place on the day DiEM25 was launched (9th February). This includes discussion panels 1 to 3  and interviews with the organizers and participants. Please donate today to support us in the production and publishing procces – click here!

8 Antworten auf „Press Conference: DiEM 25 launched by Yanis Varoufakis“

It is a shame to see that all the question come from people who dont understand why they are even there or what a movement is about, or how to read a manifest.
Well played, yanis, great ellaboration. What do we do?


Oh why !! Oh why !! Oh why !!
Did we listen to the powers above.
Did we listen to the powers to be.
To the powers that rule us, with their guns and their money.

They fed us with beliefs, different beliefs.
They conquered and drew up borders, to keep us apart.
Languages were learnt, so as not to understand all.
Politics created.
From communism to socialism, nationalism to capitalism.
Not one of these ism,s were ever good for us.

For the powers above, for the powers to be,
it works for their needs, it works for their wants,
but for us, just divides us and keeps us apart.

To be apart is to be alone,
to be alone is to be afraid.
So I build up walls around me and become the egoist I am.
I am the product of the powers to be, of the powers above.
The egoist me.

We are so far apart, we don`t see who`s around us.
Who might need us or want us or even love us.
But when our conciousness grows
and we are aware of who we are.
Your`ll be there for me and I`ll be there for you.

We won`t need no politics, we won`t need no beliefs
and the language of LOVE is the language for all.
And when we unite, together as one.
They can pack up and go, with their guns and their money
The powers above, the powers to be.
And the ego in us, will be lost and forever gone.
In a world full of harmony, for you and for me.

Where is the British Labour Party in relation to DIem25?
Where are the British and European trade unions and working class organisations?
How many progressive MEP’s are in support – have they all been approached?
Is there a message to UK voters at coming referendum; they should all know about steps to reform EU.
Good start; it all seems a bit detached and elitist at present but good luck and I hope we succeed.

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