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SPECIAL EPISODE: Reality Check on Ukraine with Jill Stein & Dimitri Lascaris

SPECIAL EPISODE: Reality Check on Ukraine with Jill Stein & Dimitri Lascaris

22. Juni 2023

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In this special episode of The Source, we host a discussion between former presidential candidate and physician Jill Stein and journalist and international law & human rights lawyer Dimitri Lascaris. We discuss a range of topics on the war in Ukraine, including how to properly understand the war, the difference between independent and critical thinking and Russian or NATO propaganda, current developments, and solutions. This panel was organized by, a group that advocates for free speech and is currently publishing videos with prominent experts such as Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Richard D. Wolff, Norman Finkelstein, Pauly Jay, Max Blumenthal, Lawrence Wilkerson and many others. Visit their website and support their crowdfunding at:

VIDEO: Reality Check on Ukraine with Jill Stein & Dimitri Lascaris

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Jill Stein was the U.S. Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2016 and 2012. She is an organizer, physician and environmental health advocate. In the 2016 election, she was the only national Presidential candidate to call for an emergency jobs program to jointly solve the climate and economic crises, and for demilitarization through a foreign policy based on international law, diplomacy and human rights. She was also the only candidate to be arrested for supporting the Dakota Sioux nation in resisting the DAPL pipeline. Following the 2016 election, she launched a recount initiative – which is ongoing – to investigate potential interference in the presidential election.


Dimitri Lascaris is a journalist and lawyer. As a lawyer, he specializes in class action litigation, international law and human rights. He was a member of the shadow cabinets of the Green Parties of Canada and Quebec. In 2020, he ran for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada and came in second

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