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Warum das Militärbudget der USA die Pandemie beschleunigt | Zain Raza

22. März 2020
Dieser Artikel wurde aufgrund bestimmter statistischer Fehler, die in ihm auftraten, entfernt. Er wird bald wieder erscheinen, nachdem wir diese Fehler behoben haben.


1 Antwort auf „Warum das Militärbudget der USA die Pandemie beschleunigt | Zain Raza“

Commentary on: U.S. Military Spending is Austerity on Steroids & proliferating the Pandemic by Zain Raza

Just imagine all the wonderful things humankind could accomplish if the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year on weapons, war and military-might were spent instead on global peace-building efforts, healthcare, education, research, job-creation, renewable energies, eradication of poverty, freedom of self-expression and self-determination, fairness, equality and effective democracy for all the peoples of Earth. Why should any people on this planet be dominated by the military might-elites of the USA who were neither elected by the peoples of Earth nor act in the best interest of all the peoples of Earth and therefore by no means constitute a worldwide, democractically approved peace-building force by any stretch of the imagination. And why should European countries, such as Great Britain, Switzerland and Russia, all of which are indisputably a part of Europe, be bullied, sanctioned or ostracised for simply exerting their natural rights as sovereign nations and refusing to kowtow to EU might-elites and US-American military domination. We, the peoples of Europe, stand together as one and want only true and lasting world-peace, freedom of self-determination and self-realisation, equality, economic stability, security and prosperity for all the peoples of Europe and all the peoples of the world.
I ask the people of US-America, why should a former CIA-director oversee and direct every step of the President of the United States. In a true democracy, the President must answer only to the people of the United States, who currently pay billions of dollars in taxes each year for US military interventions worldwide. That money belongs to the American people and they alone should decide how it is spent.

We, the people of Europe, stand together as one with all the peoples of Earth and therefore demand protection, freedom and justice for the truly courageous men and women who have risked their lives to inform the public of war-crimes, human-rights-violations, illegal surveillance-activities of the US military-industrial complex, and life-threatening situations like the outbreak of the current coronavirus pandemic. We, a grass-roots movement for true-democracy and LASTING PEACE worldwide, therefore honour Dr. Li Wenliang for blowing the whistle and courageously warning humanity of the coronavirus outbreak and we emphatically urge the immediate exoneration of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for acting selflessly and courageously in the best interest of all the peoples of Earth.

Rebecca Walkiw, Munich

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