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Julian Assange Extradition Case Update

Julian Assange Latest Update: Extradition Hearing DELAYED

28. April 2020

Julian Assange Latest Update: Extradition Hearing DELAYED

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Taylor Hudak provides her latest update on the Julian Assange case. In what was scheduled to be an administrative hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court before Judge Vanessa Baraitser, Assange’s defense team argued to postpone the substantive extradition hearings citing COVID-19 concerns. Judge Baraitser ruled to delay the hearings from May 18th to either July or November of 2020. The court is adjourned to May 4th.

VIDEO: Julian Assange Latest Update – Extradition Hearing DELAYED

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Taylor Hudak is a journalist and editor with acTVism Munich. She is the co-founder of the decentralized activist organization Action 4 Assange.

Taylor has advocated for targeted persons serving as a spokesperson for exiled kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson’s 1vs5i and Protect Suzie campaigns.

Taylor holds a BA in English from Kent State University and is currently a master’s candidate in journalism.

Follow Taylor on Twitter at: @_taylorhudak

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