Know Your Stuff: The Military Industrial Complex of Israel – Part 1 of 2 | Dr. Shir Hever

Military Industrial Complex Israel
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Know Your Stuff: The Military Industrial Complex of Israel – Part 1 of 2 | Dr. Shir Hever

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In this video Dr. Shir Hever talks about the history and evolution of the Israeli military industrial complex from when the Israeli state was formed up until the 1980s.

Part 2 of this video will be released soon on our YouTube channel which will pick up the discussion from the 1980s and take it into the modern era.

VIDEO: The Military Industrial Complex of Israel – Part 1 of 2

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Shir HeverDr. Shir Hever is an independent economic researcher and journalist. He writes articles and research for various venues and gives lectures in political and academic venues. Hever also reports for the Real News Network. He is the author of The Privatisation of Israeli Security (Pluto, 2017) and The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation (Pluto, 2010).


Description Photograph taken at: Paris Air Show, Commons-logo.svg
English: IAI Harop UAV at Paris Air Show 2013.
Deutsch: IAI Harop UAV auf der Paris Air Show 2013.
Français : Exemplaire de présentation du dronebombe israélien IAI Harop. Il plonge sur ses cibles pour les supprimer afin de maximiser sa charge explosive d’emport.
Date Taken on 
Source Own work
Author Julian Herzog (Website)
Note: The author does not endorse the opinion or work of acTVism Munich e.V.

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