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Julian Assange

Report: Don’t Extradite Assange Event in London

6. Februar 2020

Report: Don’t Extradite Assange Event in London 

(Aufgrund limitierter finanzieller Mittel stehen manche Videos ggf. derzeit nur auf Englisch zur Verfügung.)

In this report we document the public rally event organized by the “Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign” for Julian Assange that took place on the 4th of February 2020 at the Royal National Hotel in London. Interviews and speeches in this video include WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsonn, UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, Barrister in Assange’s legal team Jennifer Robinson, organizer of the “Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign” John Rees and writer & public intellectual Tariq Ali.

VIDEO: Don’t Extradite Assange Event in London

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