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Majority voted for Macron not “because of” but “in spite of” his program – in order to defeat Le Pen

9. Mai 2017
Majority voted for Macron not “because of” but “in spite of” his program – in order to defeat Le Pen

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In this video produced by The Real News Network, Serge Halimi of Le Monde Diplomatique anayzes the French election results and provides insight to the background and policies of French President elect Emmanuel Macron.

  • How many people in France registered to vote? And how was the vote distributed amongst the two candidates?
  • Why was the election turnout so low?  (34% did not vote: 16 million people abstained from voting between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. 12 million did not go to the polls and 4 million put in a blank or spoilt ballot.)
  • What impact will Macron’s victory have on the French people?
  • Does the young image of Macron exhibit a change in policies or can we expect a continuation from the last administration?
  • What can we expect from the parliamentary elections in France on the 11th of June with arrival of Macron?
  • How does Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s future look like? Can he and his party have an impact in the upcoming parliamentary elections?

All of this and more is addressed in the video below:

VIDEO: Unveiling The Golden Boy Emmanuel Macron

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