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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders talks about US Foreign Policy & CIA operations in Latin America & the Middle East

3. December 2016

Bernie Sanders talks about US Foreign Policy & CIA operations in Latin America & the Middle East

In this interview produced by Democracy Now!, Bernie Sanders talks about the the legacy of late Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro and the role that the United States has historically played in Latin America and the Middle East. The following questions are addressed in this interview:

  • What impact did Fidel Castro have on Cuba since he took power in the 1959 revolution? Were there any shortcomings?
  • What role did the United States and the CIA play in Latin America and the Middle East?
  • How does the mainstream corporate media treat Cuba in contrast to other countries that the US is allied with such as Saudi Arabia ?

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders talks about US Foreign Policy & CIA operations in Latin America & the Middle East

For the full transcript to this video, click here.

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Notable exchange between Amy Goodman & Bernie Sanders on the role that the US played in Latin America and the Middle East:

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: “…in 1954, way back when, we overthrew a democratically elected government in Guatemala, which unleashed decades and decades and decades of horror in that country, supported terrible people in El Salvador. We engineered the overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile, democratically elected, the first time a person democratically elected in Chile was overthrown through the United States and the CIA. But those issues somehow don’t quite make it onto ABC. But I think it is important to understand our role in the world. In Iran, we overthrew—what was it? 1954?—Mr. Mosaddegh.”


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: ’53, Mr. Mosaddegh. And how many people are familiar with that? Did people know that? Good. Not a lot of people—certainly, young people don’t know that. But in 1953, at the bequest of British oil companies, the United States government helped engineer a coup of a guy who was democratically elected, who was thinking about nationalizing some of the oil industry there. He was replaced by the shah, who turned out to be a very brutal, brutal man, which then resulted in what we have today with Khomeini coming to power. But these are issues that virtually do—correct me if I’m wrong. Have you seen many shows about that on NBC? You know, it’s just not something to be talked about.

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English: Bernie Sanders speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona.
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