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LIVE-STREAM: acTVism Event – Edward Snowden & Leading Experts

15. January 2017

LIVE-STREAM: acTVism Event – Edward Snowden & Leading Experts

Welcome to the official event page!

The link to the live-stream is now public!

Time (12 PM New York Time). In addition, you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for live

In case we face any technical difficulties or delays, we will inform you here as well as on
our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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Note: All videos will be translated and published in the coming days after the event.



Our Experts:

  • Edward Snowden
  • Jeremy Scahill
  • Jürgen Todenhöfer
  • Paul Jay
  • Richard Wolff
  • Srećko Horvat

Our Topics:

  • Privacy, civil rights and mass surveillance
  • Western foreign policy and Germany’s role
  • US foreign policy and the military-industrial complex
  • Freedom and democracy in the current economic system
  • Function and role of independent and mainstream media
  • Development, possibilities and urgency of political activism and grassroots movements

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NOTE: The English subtitles can be activated via YouTube settings.

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12 replies on “LIVE-STREAM: acTVism Event – Edward Snowden & Leading Experts”

Will this event be made available again for viewing? I was attending another conference, January 15th.

Many thanks!

Guten Tag!
Ich konnte leider die gestrige Diskussion mit Snowden nicht sehen. Auch ich wäre sehr froh, die Übetragung im Nachhinein noch sehen zu können. Aber wie und wo?

When asked, how do you live everyday ?

“ I wake up in the morning and I smile, glad for the decisions that I took before.. Yes they cost a lot, yes they were not enough, yes we got new reforms, but they don’t make a dent in the level of injustice that we see sort of surging around the world, across borders in every place, in every region right now. But I have an idea of what I can do next. And I would ask you… turn that question around at yourself. I don’t mean this is criticism, I mean this is an opportunity.
And think how are you living ‘your’ live ? When you wake up in the morning, you think about going to work, right ? You think about what you gonna do, your obligations to your family.. […]
This is normal human life. Nobody looks down on for this. Nobody should look down on for this.
But think about the opportunities that you have…

Because there are no heroes. Nobody’s going to save you. There are only heroic ‘actions’. There are only heroic ‘choices’. There are only people who moment by moment see bad things and recognize… maybe I can do something. Maybe I can’t fix everything. But maybe I can make progress. Maybe I can make things better. Maybe I… am the one that I’m waiting for. And as soon as you start thinking like that, you’ll realize that you are. “

– Ed Snowden

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