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Saudi Arabia Threatens to Blackmail U.S. If Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

19. April 2016

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Blackmail U.S. If Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

(The following text appeared originially on Democracy Now!)

“Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell off $750 billion in U.S. Treasury securities if Congress passes a law to allow the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks to sue the Saudi government for any role it may have played in the attacks. The kingdom’s threat comes just ahead of President Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. The Obama administration has lobbied Congress to block the bill’s passage.” [1]

For more information pretaining to this development, you can also visit The New York Times:

To find out more about Saudia Arabia’s foreign and domestic role, see the videos below:

In this video Prof. Chomsky talks about Saudi Arabia’s role in the Syrian conflict and how it facilitated the rise of ISIS

In this video, Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people’s history of resistance to it. With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair.

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[1] “Saudi Arabia Threatens to Blackmail U.S. If Congress Passes 9/11 Bill.” Democracy Now!, 18 Apr. 2016. Web. 19 Apr. 2016. <>.

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