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Exposing Canadian Foreign Policy, Neoliberalism & the collapse of Healthcare in the U.S

10. April 2020

Exposing Canadian Foreign Policy, Neoliberalism & the collapse of Healthcare in the U.S

(Aufgrund begrenzter finanzieller und technischer Ressourcen ist dieses Video derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.)

In this interview we examine the Canadian & U.S. healthcare system with lawyer, journalist and Green Party member of Canada Dimitri Lascaris. Furthermore we discuss the politics of the Green Party in Canada and what developments are taking place in it. Lastly we analyse Canadian & U.S foreign policy with a focus on Venezuela and Iran.

To read the transcript of this interview: Exposing Canadian Foreign Policy, Neoliberalism & the Collapse of Healthcare in the U.S.

VIDEO: Exposing Canadian Foreign Policy, Neoliberalism & the collapse of Healthcare in the U.S

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Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist and activist.

After graduating from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 1991, Dimitri began his legal career at the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, first working from the firm’s New York offices and then joining the firm’s offices in Paris, France.

While working at Sullivan & Cromwell, Dimitri represented large financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, in connection with major securities offerings. One such offering was the sale to the public of Allstate Insurance Company which was, at the time, the largest initial public offering of stock in United States history.

In 2004, Dimitri joined one of Canada’s leading class action law firms, Siskinds LLP. While at Siskinds, Dimitri co-founded and led Canada’s largest and most accomplished team of securities class action lawyers. From 2004 to 2016, the Siskinds securities class actions team recovered more than $450 million for aggrieved investors.

In 2012, Dimitri was named by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as one of the 25 most influential lawyers in Canada, and in 2013, he was named by Canadian Business Magazine as one of the 50 most influential persons in Canadian business. Canadian Business Magazine described Dimitri as the “fiercest legal advocate for shareholder rights.”

In July 2016, Dimitri retired from Siskinds in order to devote himself to journalism, activism and pro bono legal work. He has been a correspondent of The Real News Network and is currently a member of its Board of Directors, along with well-known members of the progressive community, including actor Danny Glover and film-maker Robert Lang.

Dimitri has served on the Boards of numerous other public-interest, not-for-profit corporations, including The Unity Project for the Relief of HomelessnessPro Bono Ontario, and Toronto350.  In 2014, Dimitri presented Toronto350’s fossil fuels divestment petition to the President of the University of Toronto.

In Canada’s 2015 federal election, Dimitri ran for the Green Party of Canada in the riding of London West. Subsequently, he served as Justice Critic in the Shadow Cabinet of the Green Party of Canada and as Justice Critic in the Shadow Cabinet of the Green Party of Quebec (PVQ). In 2018, he was elected to be a member of the PVQ’s Executive Committee.

In March 2020, Dimitri announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada. The leadership contest is currently scheduled to conclude in October 2020.

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