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Eleonora Roldan Mendivil

German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel

28. Februar 2017

German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel

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In this discussion produced by The Real News Network, economic researcher and author, Shir Hever, examines a recent case in which a course held by lecturer Eleonora Roldan Mendivil at the Freie University of Berlin was suspended on the grounds of anti-Semitism after she criticized the policies of the Israeli State towards Gaza on her blog.

Eleonora Roldán Mendívil is a lecturer at the Freie University of Berlin, a political scientist studying racism, sexism and capitalism. Mendívil  also wrote several articles and appeared at conferences to present her research. She’s also a political activist and, among other things, a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Group in Berlin.

  • What course was Eleonora Roldán Mendívil teaching when this scandal broke out?
  • Was Eleonora Roldán Mendívil invited to defend herself against the accusations of anti-Semitism?
  • What is the current state of this case?
  • Professor Steven Salaita who had a similar situation with the University of Illinois eventually reached a settlement paying him $875,000 compensation for wrongful dismissal. Does Eleonora Roldán Mendívi intend to sue the Freie University of Berlin as well? And what are the chances of winning in her perspective?

All of these questions and more are addressed in the video below:

VIDEO: Interview with Eleonora Roldan Mendivil

To read the full transcript of the interview, click here.

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