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Letztes Update: Wird es im Jahr 2023 weitergehen?

Final Update! Will we continue with our journalism?

11. January 2023

Dear viewers and supporters,

Today marks the end of our crowdfunding campaign launched in December, and we want to let you know about the end result and the future of our journalism. Journalism that is funded by viewers and free from advertising, corporate and government interests. 

Our goal for this campaign was to reach €25,000 euros or 1000 donors who support on a monthly basis through Patreon or a bank account with only $5 per month. In last year’s campaign, we reached €21,000 euros thanks to 390 donors. Considering that our channel grew by over 10,000 subscribers to 105,000 subscribers, we thought we could reach €25,000 this year.

The final result of our current campaign for this year is: €11,500 thanks to 270 donors. We gained 80 new monthly supporters as well. Although we only received half of what we received last year, we are very grateful to those who took part in our campaign to strengthen and protect our independent journalism at a time when it is needed the most. 

Unfortunately, acTVism Munich will have to reduce its capacities this year, which will affect our coverage of Ukraine, Julian Assange and other important issues. This includes our regular translations of content into the German language. Nevertheless, we will do our best to survive within our limited capacity and try our best to provide you with the information that you just won’t hear in the corporate press.

We thank you all for your love, your generous support and wish you a wonderful 2023!

Your acTVism-Team

VIDEO: Crowdfunding for 2023

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