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1. Update zu unserer Crowdfunding-Kampagne | noch 14 Tage Zeit zur Teilnahme

1st update on our Crowdfunding Campaign | 14 days left

23. December 2022

Dear viewers and supporters,

On December 7, 2022, we launched our crowdfunding campaign with the goal of attracting €25,000 or 1000 donors to support us with a monthly donation between €1 and €5. So far we have reached €3000 from over 80 donors and received over 25 new monthly donors. Last year, we had already reached €8000 at this stage of our crowdfunding campaign. Although we are more successful this year than last year, when we gained 1.5 million views, 253,000 hours of viewing time and 7500 new subscribers, the crowdfunding campaign has not reflected this. We urge all our viewers to support us in our campaign, even if it’s just one or two euros, so that we can get through 2023 without having to reduce our capacity. Every drop makes a river and every donation, no matter the amount, will greatly help acTVism Munich make a positive impact! We thank you for your support!

Donation Platforms:
IBAN: DE89430609678224073600
► PayPal: [email protected]
► Betterplace (credit card included):
► Patreon:

All donations from Germany are tax deductible.

We thank you for your support and genorsity!

Your acTVism-Team

VIDEO: Crowdfunding for 2023

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