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In this section you will find external content which we picked for translation, publishing or editing.

23. February 2017

Risse in der Megamaschine und Wege zu einer neuen Friedensordnung – Fabian Scheidler

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4. December 2016

Paul Jay and Abby Martin discussTrump’s cabinet, Jill Stein’s recount, Fake News and US foreign policy

In this discussion produced by The Real News Network, a host of issues are discussed between the founder and senior editor of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, and host of The Empire Files, Abby Martin.

3. December 2016

Bernie Sanders talks about US Foreign Policy & CIA operations in Latin America & the Middle East

Bernie Sanders talks about US Foreign Policy & CIA operations in Latin America & the Middle East In this interview produced by Democracy Now!, Bernie Sanders talks about the the legacy of late Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro and the role that the United States has historically played in Latin America and the Middle East. The […]

24. November 2016

Snowden discusses Privacy & Transparency for Governments and Citizens

This is the fifth part of the event organized by the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences called “A Conversation on Privacy” which hosted Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky.

22. November 2016

Varoufakis: Trump victory comes with a silver lining for the world’s progressives

With permission from Yanis Vaourfakis, acTVism Munich translated this article into German. For the English article, visit the original source on

18. November 2016

Richard Wolff: “Election as a Weapon of Mass Distraction”

In this video produced by Democracy at work, Prof. Richard Wolff talks about the elections and why they served to the distract the population from issues that are of profound importance.

9. November 2016

3 Recent Wikileaks Revelations that You Should Know About

In this video produced by the Real News Network, the most significant Wikileaks revelations pertaining to Hillary Clinton, which were largely ignored by the mainstream media in Europe, are revealed.

7. November 2016

Kerem Schamberger: The Coup within the Coup

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4. November 2016

Ray McGovern: Putin-Obama Trust Evaporates

Due to limited capacities this article is only available in German. To read the article visit the original source: Baltimore Sun