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Taylor Hudak Zain Raza Coronavirus

Topics not covered during the Coronavirus Crisis | Taylor Hudak & Zain Raza

1. April 2020

Topics not covered during the Coronavirus Crisis | Taylor Hudak & Zain Raza

(Aufgrund begrenzter finanzieller und technischer Ressourcen ist dieses Video derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.)

In this discussion between Taylor Hudak & Zain Raza, editors and journalists of acTVism Munich, the two discuss topics that have been underreported or missed out during the Coronavirus crisis. Taylor and Zain break down the latest on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, the US presidential election, the sanctions on Venezuela and Iran and how several US senators chose to use the coronavirus crisis to their financial benefit.

To read this interview click here: Topics not covered during the Coronavirus Crisis | Taylor Hudak & Zain Raza

VIDEO: Topics not covered during the Coronavirus Crisis | Taylor Hudak & Zain Raza

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Zain Raza - tagesschauZain Raza is the Founder and Senior Editor of acTVism Munich. He is a journalist, activist and cultural promoter in Munich. As an activist he co-organized a number of demonstrations in Munich which included “March Against Monsanto”, and as a cultural promoter he brought hundreds of people together with his event “Pakistani on the Menu” that presented food, arts and music from many different cultures. As a writer and journalist, Raza’s research on political and economic issues was featured on the Tribune Express from 2011-2013. In 2013 Raza founded acTVism Munich e.V.-  an independent, non-profit, grassroots & bilingual media outlet. Since then Raza has directly overseen and directed the production of over 400 videos. His interviews include experts such as Edward SnowdenWikileaksNoam ChomskyDaniel EllsbergRainer MausfeldGerald HütherYanis VaroufakisGlenn GreenwaldFrans de WaalNils MelzerJeremy ScahillJürgen TodenhöferPeter KuznickMichael Shermer, Jill Stein, Katja KippingMedea BenjaminHans-Christian StröbeleRichard D.WolffLawrence Wilkerson, Ernst WolffWilliam BinneyRay McGovernThomas DrakeAbby MartinAnnie Machon and many others. To find out more about Zain’s background, click here.


Taylor Hudak is a journalist and editor with acTVism Munich. She is the co-founder of the decentralized activist organization Action 4 Assange. 

Taylor has advocated for targeted persons serving as a spokesperson for exiled kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson’s 1vs5i and Protect Suzie campaigns. Taylor holds a BA in English from Kent State University and is currently a master’s candidate in journalism.

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