European Parliament Calls for Investigation of Secret CIA Torture Sites

EU-Parlament CIA

The European Parliament on Wednesday [8. June 2016] condemned the “apathy shown by member states and EU institutions” over torture in secret CIA prisons in Europe.

The Blunders of Fox News & Donald Trump on the Facts about Brexit

Brexit Fox News Donald Trump

The 24th of June 2016 will be remembered as a significant day for the United Kingdom and the European Union. The importance of this day, it seems, were not taken seriously by everyone. For example Fox News, the US news channel owned by multimillionaire Rupert Murdoch, mistakenly got the facts wrong in its news bar in which it stated that UK decided to leave the UN instead of the EU.

BREXIT – All You Need to Know


In this video produced be Democracy Now! Brexit is debated, analyzed and discussed in detail – from the reasons why people chose to opt out of the European Union to what we can expect in the near and long term –  both on the continental level as well the domestic situation in Great Britain. What […]

Exclusive Wikileaks Video Report – “First they came for Assange”


In this exclusive acTVism video report, we travel to the Volksbühne in Berlin to document a global event named “First they came for Assange” in which the case of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, was brought to the forefront. We talked directly to the organizers as well participants on the following issues: Assange’s case, […]

LIVE STREAM: WikiLeaks “First they came for Assange”


LIVE STREAM: WikiLeaks “First they came for Assange” Today the 19th of June 2016 WikiLeaks are hosting an event at Berlin’s Volksbühne. The event “First they came for Assange” is being broadcasted simultaneously from several cities via video conference. This event focuses on the role and importance of whistleblowers and investigative journalists today. LIVE STREAM: […]

Noam Chomsky speaks about the Dangers facing Humanity in the 21st Century

Noam Chomsky

In diesem acTVism Munich Interview mit dem MIT-Professor, Anarchisten, Philosophen und renommierten Linguisten Noam Chomsky, sprechen wir über die drohenden Gefahren für die Menscheit und über mögliche verfügbare Mechanismen der Öffentlichkeit diese zu verhindern.

Prosecution tasked to investigate Assange are being criminally investigated themselves


Today on the 15th of June 2016, Wikileaks announced on their Facebook page that the Swedish police have launched a criminal investigation into prosecutor Marrianne Ny over her handling of the Assange case.  Marrianne Ny (Swedish Prosecution Authority) heads the investigation against Assange that accuses him of committing rape. Details to this investigation are yet to […]

Jürgen Todenhöfer talks about IS

Jürgen Todenhöfer spricht über IS

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Report: STOP Ramstein “No Drone Warfare!” Demonstration

STOPP Ramstein

On the 11th of June 2016, demonstrators under the banner “Stop Ramstein: No Drone Warfare” organized a variety of dirct actions against the US Air Force base in Ramstein as well the global arms trade. The goals of the protesters were to exert political pressure on the government to change its foreign policy stance and to also increase awareness on issues that surround it.