Edward Snowden on Donald Trump, Obama’s Presidency, Activism & Liberty & his life in Exile

Edward Snowden
In this interview with NSA-whistleblower, activist and human rights advocate, Edward Snowden, we talk to him about the the role of politicians and whether Donald Trump will misuse the power of the surveillance state. In addition, we discuss Snowden’s normal day in exile .

Interview with Srećko Horvat on Social Movements, Political Activism & DiEM25

Srećko Horvat
In this interview with author, philosopher and activist, Srećko Horvat, we talk about a number of issues pertaining to social movements, political activism and the movement he founded with Yanis Varoufakis called Democracy in Europe Movement 2025.

acTVism Report: Edward Snowden Event (Pictures & Videos)

Edward Snowden
On January 15th, acTVism Munich organized its largest event yet that took place under the title “Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context” at Muffathalle in Munich and featured a live interview with Edward Snowden via video conference from Russia as well as discussions with a panel of leading experts in the field. acTVism Munich’s founder and senior editor Zain Raza moderated the evening, leading the audience through a series of individual interviews with Srećko Horvat, Paul Jay, Richard D. Wolff, Jeremy Scahill and Jürgen Todenhöfer.

LIVE-STREAM: acTVism Event – Edward Snowden & Leading Experts

170110_Event_FB_Alle Experten_E
Welcome to the official event page! We will post the link to the live-stream here at 6 PM Munich Time (12 PM New York Time).

EVENT: Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context

170110_Event SNOWDEN_E
At the end of the Second World War a new era of globalization of capital and production began that continues on today and is enforced through manifold free trade agreements. Another turning point was 9/11. Since then, an increased military presence and an expanding security apparatus is leading to more surveillance and violence in the name of national security.

acTVism Munich is temporarily halting all original content production

Our limited capacities and resources also mean that we’ll encounter financial straits and staff shortage. Due to our upcoming event with Edward Snowden we will halt all content production until 14.01.2017, which includes videos, written interviews and news reports, including their translations and voice overs in multiple languages. We will continue to ocassionally share the work of activists, indepdendent media, Whistleblowers and investigative journalists.

A New Documentary Explores the Devastating Effects of Drone Warfare on Victims and Whistleblowers

National Bird
acTVism Munich translated this article from The Intercept into German. For the English article, visit the original source on The Intercept.